Welcome. We are an E-Commerce agency focused on small and mid market brands.


What we do

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Social Media Strategy

For your startup's big day or another product launch. Take your social media presence to the next level with our social media strategies that have proven to work.

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Carefully crafted daily content creation. Direct access to our network of influencers.

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Social Media


Young brand? Join the FFMG Facebook pixel with thousands of potential customers. Established brand? Explore the endless possibilities of Tiktok & Snapchat advertising.


E-Commerce Strategies

Want to grow your email newsletter? Bring your conversion rate to 10%? We have the tools & experience to do so. 

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From designing & purchasing custom packaging to inventory management & orders fulfilment, we got you covered. Up your game with 2-day shipping.

The FFMG crew


Félix Mercier

Felix Mercier has a background in corporate videos production. He has proven itself to have a powerful sales mind.


Félix Giasson

Félix Giasson has a bachelor in Advertising from OCAD University. He designed & launched over 10 websites over the years.


Fred CL

Fred CL is a Creative Director with years of experience working for brands and influencers. Fred's work is recognized as being unique & disruptive.


Our Story

Both Felix met while studying Advertising at Collegial Internationnal Sainte-Anne. Since the first day they met, they knew they were up to something. 

Since then, they have worked with over 15 brands together, and launched 2 successful companies. 

Fred met with Felix & Felix in 2018 while they were filming their webserie "The Brunch". He then joined FFMG in 2020 as the Creative Director in charge of FFMG's portfolio brands.


Brands we've worked with

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Our Portfolio Brands



FFMG launched monperenoel.ca in late November 2020. Monperenoel.ca is a Seasonal brand that operates during the Christmas Holidays.

Monperenoel.ca is the only platform in Canada that allows kids to do live video calls with Santa Claus.

Monperenoel.ca Is:

5.4% Conversion Rate

60% Profit Margin

100% Clients Satisfaction

Watch the case study

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FFMG launched StudPods in Early April 2021. Studpods is a leather accessories brand for Apple devices.

StudPods main advertising platform is Tiktok, where we have a growing community engaging with the brand everyday.

FFMG manages the full brand operations of StudPods, including its marketing, finances, inventory & shipping logistics.

StudPods Is:

3.2% Conversion Rate

68% Average Profit Margin per order

  • Tiktok - @studpods
  • Instagram - @stud.pods
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FFMG launched thecocobowl.com in late February 2021. Thecocobowl.com specializes in selling handmade coconut bowls. 

Thecocobowl.com is promoted throug Instagram ads & paid influencers ads.

Thecocobowl.com is a drop-shipping brand, which means FFMG is the middle man between the supplier and the customers. 

FFMG manages the customer service, marketing, finances & logistics of thecocobowl.com.

  • Instagram
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